Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tune apna jalwa dikhane ko - Kalaam Hazrat Shah Niaz R.A.

तूने अपना जलवा दिखाने को जो नकाब मुंह से उठा दिया
वहीँ महवे हैरते बेखुदी मुझे आइना सा बना दिया

करूं क्या बयाँ मैं हमनशीं असर उस के लुत्फे निगाह का
की तअयुनात की क़ैद से मुझे एक दम में छुड़ा दिया

जिसे देखना ही मुहाल था न था उस का नामो निशाँ कहीं
सो हर एक ज़र्रे में इश्क ने हमें उस का जलवा दिखा दिया

जभी जा के मक़्तबे इश्क में सबक-ए-मकामे फ़ना लिया
जो लिखा पढ़ा था 'नियाज़' ने सो वोह साफ़ दिल से भुला दिया

Tune apna jalwa dikhane ko jo naqaab munh se utha diya
Wahin mahw-e-hairat-e-bekhudi mujhe aaina sa bana diya

Karoon kya bayaan maen hamnasheen asar us ke lutf-e-nigaah ka
Ki ta'aiyyunat ki qaid se mujhe ek dum mein chhura diya

Jise dekhna hi muhaal tha na tha us ka naam-o-nishaan kahin
So har ek zarre me ishq ne humen us ka jalwa dikha diya

Jabhi ja ke maktab-e-ishq mein sabaq-e-maqam-e-fana liya
Jo likha parha tha 'Niyaz' nein so woh saaf dil se bhula diya

English Translation:

The moment You unveiled Your face to display Your splendour,
It was the very moment You turned me into mirror.

How do I describe my love, the impact of her ravishing glance
In a split moment, it freed me from the fetters of world's prison.

His contemplation was not possible and He was not at all discernible
Love has shown us His glory in every particle of dust though.

In the school of love when he took lessons into surrender and annihilation
All that 'Niyaz' had learnt so far he erased it all from his heart.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Literary Compositions Of Hazrat Shah Niyaz R.A.

In history various Sufi saints have also been renowned writers and poets. These friends of Allah worked for spiritual upliftment of people and acted as bridge between man & God. For this they also wrote various books, though literary achievement has never been their focus but they ended up being high grade writers and poets.

Other than being a great Sufi saint of 19th century Hazrat Shah Niyaz ( R.A.) was also a great literary figure of that time. Other than being the master of tasawwuf he was also a great scholar of Tafseer (Science of explanation and interpretation ) Fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence.), and Hadees (oral traditions relating to the words and deeds of the Islamic prophet Muhammad ).

At present the information regarding 14 of the books written by Hazrat Shah Niyaz (R.A.) is available.Hazrat Shah Niyaz ( R.A.) used to write books as per the requirement of his individual student and disciple and this books were taken by those individuals to their respective places. In times contact has been lost with various of his Khulfas who belong to other part of the world and so there is no excess to those books. Secondly in the 1857 gadar a part of the khaneqaah was burnt in fire and due to that also the access has been lost to various books.


01. Risaala Raaz-o-Niyaz
02. Shams-ul-Ain Shareef - It is named as 'Kashf-ul-Ghain Min Shams-ul-Ain' in the Sahitya Akaadmi ( academy) book 'A History Of Indian Literature'.
03. Noor-ul-Ain
04. Tohfa’e Niyaz ba Hazrat-e-Be-NiyazIts Subject is Tasawwuf & language Farsi (persian)
05. Hashiyah Sharah ‘Mulla Jalaal’ - Commentary on works by Hazrat Mir Zahid Mulla Jalaal, on religious philosophy. The language is Arabic.This books shows the authority of Hazart Shah Niyaz R.A. had on the topic of religious philosophy and the Arabic language.
06. Hashiyah Sharah ‘Chagmani’
07. Risaala Tasmeet-ul-Maraatib
08. Risaala MantaqThis was written for Hazrat Aal-e-Rasool Saheb R.A. Mahrera Shareef ,who was the Peer-o-Murshid of Hazrat Imaam Ahmed Raza Khan Barelvi R.A.
09. Mazmua Qasaaid-e-Arbiya It contains Qaseeda in praise of Maula Ali KWK,Panjatan Paak A.S. and Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique R.A., the khamsa in praise of Hazrat Maula Ali KWK has 21 band and the khamsa in praise of Panjatan Paak has 32 band.The language is Arabic.
10. Sharah Qasaaid-e-ArbiyaIn this book Hazrat Shah Niyaz R.A. has written the sharah of his Arabic Qaseedas in Farsi and Arabic containing reference from Quran,Hadees and various Sufi sources.
11. Bayaaz The language is Farsi (persian) – This book provides the date of visaal of Hazrat Nizaamuddin Aurangabadi R.A. and details of Hazrat Maulana Saheb R.A. stay in Delhi with his poetry.
13. Deewan-e-Niyaz UrduContains poetry of Hazrat Shah Niyaz R.A. in Urdu & Hindi dialects.
14. Deewan-e-Niyaz Farsi - Contains poetry of Hazrat Shah Niyaz R.A. in Farsi ( Persian).
Sahitya Akaadmi (academy) book 'A History Of Indian Literature' written by Mr. Sisir Kumar Das gives the year 1834 as the publication year for deewan of Hazrat Shah Niyaz which the last year of his life.
The 'Records of Government, North western province' vol-IV published by Government Press, Allahabad in 1868 mentions a press for Agra 'Mutba-e-Qadiri' which earned Rs. 500 by printing Farsi & Urdu Deewan of Hazrat Shah Niyaz R.A. at the cost of Rs. 1 per copy.
The most circulated and famous was the version published by Munshi Nawal Kishor Press.