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List Of Khulfa-E-Karaam Of Hazrat Shah Niyaz BeNiyaz R.A.

Apart from India Hazrat Qibla Shah Niyaz Be Niyaz has his murideen & khulfa in various part of the world,including Pakistan,Sindh,Bukhara,Kabul,Misr,Sham,Samrkand,Rome etc.
Unfortunately information regarding many of his Khulfas in other countries is not available.

Here is the list of some of his important Khulfas with brief information of their places :

01. Shah Taajul Auliya Hazrat Shah Nizamuddin Hussain (R.A.) – Eldest son & Sajjada nasheen – Khanqahe Aaliya Niyazia Bareilly Sharif
02. Hazrat Maulvi Abdul Lateef Saheb (Khwane Uloom) R.A. – Samarkand ( Present day Uzbekistan)
03. Hazrat Muhammad Fakhre Aalam Saheb (R.A.) – Sahjahanapur ( 80 Km from Bareilly)
04. Hazrat Syed Ahmed Ali Saheb (R.A.) – Shahabad ( District Hardoi,U.P.)
05. Hazrat Meer Mohammad Sami Saheb (R.A.) - Badakhshan (a region comprising parts of northeastern Afghanistan and southeastern Tajikistan )
06. Hazrat Maulvi Yaar Muhammad Saheb ( R.A.) – Kabul
07. Hazrat Miskin Shah Saheb (R.A.) – Jaipur
08. Hazrat Hakeem Rahmatullah Saheb ( R.A.) – Bachrayun (District : Jyotiba Phule Nagar, U.P.)
09. Hazrat Maulvi Mahmood Alam Saheb ( R.A.) - Bachrayun (District : Jyotiba Phule Nagar, U.P.)
10. Hazrat Bakhshullah Khan Saheb ( R.A.) - Shahabad ( District Hardoi,U.P.)
11. Hazrat Syed Hashmat Ali Khan ( R.A.) - Shahabad ( District Hardoi,U.P.)
12. Hazrat Mirza Asadulaah Beg Saheb ( R.A.) – Bareilly Sharif
13. Hazrat Maulvi Neamatullah Khan Saheb ( R.A.)- Kabul
14. Hazrat Shah Ji Sharfuddin Saheb ( R.A.) – Radoli
15. Hazrat Shahjaada Saheb ( R.A.) – Ajmer Sharif
16. Hazrat Hafiz Vazeer Khwaja Saheb ( R.A.) – Kabul
17. Hazrat Abdul Rasul Saheb ( R.A.) – Kabul
18. Hazrat Muhammad Hussain Saheb ( R.A.) – Makka Moazzama
19. Hazrat Mohammad Abdullah Khan Saheb ( R.A.) – Sahjahanapur ( 80 Km from Bareilly)
20. Hazrat Maula Dad Khan Saheb ( R.A.) – Sahjahanapur ( 80 Km from Bareilly)
21. Hazrat Miyan Fakhruddin Hussain Saheb ( R.A.) – Brother of Hazrat Shah Niyaz Be Niyaz ( R.A.)
22. Hazrat Maulvi Mastaan Khan Saheb ( R.A.) - Sahjahanapur ( 80 Km from Bareilly)
23. Hazrat Maulvi Abdul Rahman Khan Saheb – Jaora ( District Ratlam,M.P.)
24. Hazrat Ghulam Maula Khan Saheb ( R.A.) – Akbarbad ( present day Agra )
25. Hazrat Mulla Aivaz Muhammad Khan Saheb ( R.A.) - Badakhshan (a region comprising parts of northeastern Afghanistan and southeastern Tajikistan )
26. Hazrat Kifayatullah Khan Saheb ( R.A.)
27. Hazrat Usmaan khan saheb ( R.A.) – Kabul
28. Hazrat Mulla Jaan Muhammad Saheb ( R.A.) – Kabul
29. Hazrat Maulvi Ubaidullah Ji ( R.A.) – Pakhli ( The area of Pakhli was a part of the Hazara Division of the North West Frontier Province of Pakistan )
30. Hazrat Haji Haasham Saheb ( R.A.) – Kabul
31. Hazrat Makhdoom Abdul Saeed Saheb ( R.A.) – Yarkand ( A city on silk route between Afghanistan & China,Presently modern Chinese ciy of Shache )
32. Hazrat Shah Shamsul Haq Saheb ( R.A.) – Lukhnow
33. Hazrat Makhdoom Ji ( R.A.) – Badakshaan
34. Hazrat Shah Noor Hussain Saheb ( R.A.) – Bareilly
35. Hazrat Salaamat Ullah Khan Shaeb ( R.A.) - Sahjahanapur ( 80 Km from Bareilly)
36. Hazrat Shah Wajeehuddin Saheb ( R.A.)
37. Hazrat Jiauddin Saheb ( R.A.)


  1. Asalam o Alikum!
    Hope you all are fine. I want to add my Hazrat Shaib name in this list. Hazrat Molana Hakeem Abdul Rehman Qadri Chisti Niazi (R.A) from Jhelum Pakistan. Who is Mureed Of Hazrat Peer Naseer Ud Din Qadri Chishti Niazi (R.A) came from india to take the duty. To make Pakistan. His age was 112 years. His Mazar Shreef is in Jhelum Hana Pur Station.
    Sag-e-darghay Niaziya

  2. Rabeel Bhai,

    Walekum Assalaam !

    Sorry for replying you so late.
    Thanks for sharing the information regarding your Shaikh & his Shaikh.
    I request you to provide me the Shajra of your Murshid ( Shajra From Hazrat Shah Niyaz Be Niyaz R.A. will be sufficient).
    If you can share more details regarding them it will be more than welcome.
    I will add there details at the appropriate location.

    You can mail this information to me on

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