Monday, January 5, 2009

Hazrat Qibla Shah Niyaz's view on Muharram and Tazia

Huzoor Qibla had great respect for Ahl-e-Bait [those related to the Holy Prophet (PBUH)].

He wrote on the glory of Hazrat Ali (K।W.K.):

ज़हे इज़्ज़ो जलाले बू तुराबे फ़खरे इंसाने
अली अल् मुर्तुज़ा मुश्किल कुशाए शेरे यज़्दाने

Zahay izzo jalaale Bu Turaabe fakhre insaane
Ali al-Murtaza mushkil kushaye shere Yazdane

(The honour and valour of Abu Turab is the pride of mankind.
No doubt Ali al-Murtaza (K.W.K), helper in the time of need, is the Lion of God.)

On the night of Asharooya-e-Moharram (10th day of first month of Muslim Calendar) he, accompanied by his disciples, used to go to pay respect to Tazias [symbolic tomb of Hazrat Imam Husain (AS)].

Once Moulvi Akbar Ali Sahib from Surat was staying in the Khanqah during Moharram. He accompanied Huzoor Qibla on Ashoora night and found that Huzoor Qibla had bowed to kiss the wooden platform on which Tazia was placed. Moulvi Sahib in his heart thought that this amounted to ‘Shirk’ (giving someone else same respect which is meant for God only). Huzoor Qibla through the divine power could guess of his feeling and asked him to look at the Tazia. When Moulvi Sahib saw he screamed and fell unconscious on the ground. Huzoor Qibla moved ahead. When he regained consciousness people asked as to what had happened to him. Moulvi Sahib then replied that he had seen Hazrat Imam Hasan (AS) in green dress on the one side of the Tazia and Hazrat Imam Hussain (AS) in red on the other side.

Moulvi Akbar Ali Sahib had certain doubts which were clarified by Huzoor Qibla. He put the questions regarding Tazias and Yazid [enemy of Hazrat Imam (AS)]. Huzoor Qibla replied on the question on Tazias that he would not have allowed anybody to build Tazia as it was not possible to give full respect but once they are there, he respects the same with all respect at his command; and on Yazid he said he would not pollute his tongue with Yazid’s name and instead sweeten his tongue with the name of Imam Hussain (AS).

When Huzoor Qibla was unable to walk due to paralysis attack he did not visit the Tazia on Ashoora night. In his meditation he saw Hazrat Bibi Fatima (AS) saying that he had not come to visit her children. With tears in his eyes, Huzoor Qibla asked his disciples to carry him to the Tazias. The disciples thought he was to be taken lying on the cot but he refused and desired that he be taken on foot and visited five Tazias as per his usual practice. On 12th of Moharram a cauldron of Kichra (mixture of wheat, dal, mutton and other cereals) was got cooked for distribution among the people. The practice continues till date in Khaanah-e-Niyazia.

In glory of Hazraat Imaam Hussain (R।A.) Huzoor Qibla wrote:

अय दिल्बिगीर दामने सुल्ताने औलिया
यानी हुसैन इब्ने अली जाने औलिया
दारद नियाज़ हश्र ख़ुद उम्मीद बा हुसैन
बा औलियाए हश्र मुहिब्बाने औलिया

Ae dilbigeer daaman-e-sultaane-Aulia,
Yaani Hussain ibn-e-ALi jaan-e-Aulia.
Daarad `Niyaz' hashr khud ummeed ba Hussain,
Ba Aulia-e-hashr muhibbaan-e-Aulia.

O heart be with the skirt of garment of King of Aulias (friend of Allah)
That means Hussain (A.S.) ,who is the essence of Aulias.
Niyaz has put judgement day's decision in hope of Hussain (A.S.),
The faith of Lover of Aulias will be similar to that of Aulia's.


  1. Subhanallah! what a touching tale! This is true love of ahl-e-bayt(as), as demonstrated by Hazrat Niyaz.

    I'm really enjoying reading your posts. Please keep it up. Jazakallah.

  2. Thanks for your incouraging comments.
    Certainly Hazrat Shah Niyaz R.A. held high regards & love for Ahl-e-Bait(A.S.)
    This has always been found in all the sufi orders.
    In another kalaam Hazrat Shah Niyaz R.A. said-

    Mushkil kabhi aa jae 'Niyaz' tujhe faqr me darpesh,
    Jaa Shah-e-Nazaf Haidar-e-Qarrar se kah de.

  3. Salam!


    Zahay izzo jalaale Bu Turaabe fakhre insaane
    Ali al-Murtaza mushkil kushaye shere Yazdane

    This couplet, as you know, is often employed by qawwals. I haven't heard the full kalam, except a few additional couplets. I'm curious if you have read it in its entirety. Would appreciate it if you could post it.


  4. Dear Brother Bahotkhoob,

    Sorry for late reply.certainly I will post the Kalaam 'Zahe Izzo Jalaale".Its better I translate it and then post it.Give me some time.

  5. imlove th kalm off shah niyez ali al-muratzamushkilkushsshayeshereyazdne

  6. Zahay izzo jalaal’e Bu-Turaab’e fakhr’e insaan’e,
    Ali-e-Murtaza mushkil kushaaye sher’e Yazdaan’e.

    Wali-e-haq wasi-e-mustufa dariyaa’e faizaan’e,
    Imaam-e-do-zahaane qibla’e deen’e wa imaan’e.

    Payambar dar sar’e mimbar nashishto khaan maulayash,
    Ke taa maula’e ashra baashad andar qhalk’o burhaan’e.

    ‘Niyaz’ andar qayamat be saro saamaan khaahi shud
    Ki az hubbo tawallae Ali daari to saamaan’e.

  7. Thanks Ahmed Bhai,

    Certainly a great manqabat by Hazrat Qibla Sarkaar in Shaan Of Maul Ali(KWK).
    I was planning to post it after translating it in english.

  8. Assalamu'alaikum, is this a Shiah or Sunni Blog, coz I know that some Sunni too do believe in Tazia


  9. Masha Allah, that is the real love for Ahle bait (r.z.)
    Kareeb AHLEBAYT k Aao toh koi Baat bane
    Imaan phir se Jaga'o toh koi baat bane
    Lahoo jo Beh gaya Sahie-e-KARBALA ka
    Unke MAQSAD ko samjho toh koi baat bane

    kareli, Allahabad.

  10. Assalamu'alaikum bhai mujhe Hazrat Qibla Shah Niyaz ka kalam --- aye dil kahi na jaio minhaar dekhna ---chahiye

  11. Hazrat Qibla Shah Niyaz's view on Muharram and Tazia bhai jo aap ne english main kilha hai uska hindi main matlab bataiye muje english bahot kam aati hai

  12. subhanallah.....great effort...may ALLAH give u more taufeeq to keep us updated by these spritual kalams...thanks bhai.....