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Karamaat ( Miracles ) Of Hazrat Shah Niyaz Be Niyaz (R.A.)

01. Once fire broke out in the bareily city.When it reched the Qutub ward where the Khanekhah of Hazrat Qibla Saheb was there.His eldest son ( Hazrat Shah Tajul Aulia Nizamuddin Hussain R.A. ) informed him this while he was resting.He at once came out and saw that the horse of Risaldar Amir Khan were being taken out from the the thatched stable.On seeing him,the Risaldar asked the servants to stop taking out the horses and said "If Qibla Huzur wishes to save them,they will be saved.Otherwise let them be burnt before him."Hearing these words,Qibla Huzur undewent a transformation and when he lifted his eyes,the fire took a different direction and was extinguished.The next Shah Tajul Auliya asked Qibla Huzur inqured what he recited.He replied "I didn't recited anything.I become a see and one spout of my water was extinguished the fire."

02. Once Allah Baksh Khan,one of Hazrat Qibla Huzur's desciple requested him to show his real face.He rubbed his hand over his face,which suddenly became radiant like sun.Nobody could see it.Allah Baksh Khan became unconscious,when he regained unconsciousness Hazrat Qibla told him:"This is sufficient for you."

03. Once a Nawab organized a Mehfil-e-Sama (Qawwali ceremony) and invited all the Sufis to attend it. Actually he wanted to make a mockery of the Sufis who used to go into the state of Haal and Wajd ( going into a state of ecstacy when they were in direct communion with God while listening Qawwali). The Sufis came to Hazrat Niaz-be-Niaz (RA) and told him about the motive of the Nawab and requested Him to accompany them. Along with his disciples Huzoor Qibla (RA) reached the gathering for sama. There were special arrangement for the elites and Nawabs and they were to sit on chairs . The Sufis and Qawwals (musicians) were made to sit on the floor. Huzoor Qibla (RA) got himself seated on the floor along with his disciples. In middle of the Qawwali session the Qawwal recited the following couplet:

“Ta Naqsh-Zamin-bood-Zama-bood-Ali-bood

Ta- Surat Paiwand-Jahan-bood-Ali-bood”

Inspired by the couplet Huzoor Qibla started waving his scarf. All the elite and privileged seated on the chairs fell down and started rolling on the ground. Nawab's brother came and apolized to Qibla Huzur.Huzoor Qibla then recited some verses and sprinkled the holy water on the persons who had fallen down. They regained consciousness and apologized for the disrespect.

04. A man by the name of Chaudhary Basant Rai, residing in Bareily requested Huzoor Qibla to visit one of his seriously ill relative. Huzoor Qibla went along with his disciples and asked one of his disciples to lie down near the cot of the patient. The disciple’s stomach started swelling and the patient’s pain started subsiding. The condition of the disciple became serious as the patient got well and asked for food. The disciple was then taken to the Khanqah and he too got well in a day or two.

05. Huzoor Qibla at the request of his disciples went to Bachraon near Moradabad. His seven disciples had invited him for a feast at their respective places on the same date.None of the seven disciple knew that someone else has also invited Huzur Qibla.Huzoor Qibla had his meals at the place of his stay and went his room for rest and told those present not to disturb him till he himself may come out. Next day all those who had invited him,came to thank Huzoor Qibla for having feast with them, then people around him discovered that while Huzoor Qibla was taking rest inside his room, each of his disciple felt his presence at their palces.

06. Once on Urs occasion. Huzoor Qibla asked his disciples to distribute bread along with sweets. Munshi Ali Bakhsh who was incharge of the Kitchen, informed Huzoor Qibla that only five Kg of floor was left in the larder and it would not be sufficient for all those present. Huzoor Qibla asked him to bring those five kg bread and covered it with thick sheet and told him to distribute the same without looking as to how much was left. The bread was distributed to all those present and after everyone had his share, the Munshi to his surprise found the five kg bread intact.

07. A person from Kabul had come to Bareilly to become Huzoor Qibla’s disciple. Before intering the city pious looking man met him and asked him , where he was going. The person from Kabul replied that he has come to Bareilly to become the disciple of Hazrat Niayz-be-Niayz (RA). The pious looking man replied that he was Niayz Ahmad and initiated him as his disciple.He directed him to the Khanqah (monastery) and instructed him to reach their soon. When the person reached Khanqah, he came to know that Huzoor Qibla had left for his heavenly abode three days back and prayers were being offered on the third day. The person from Kabul described the looks of the pious personality , people then told him thta it was quite similar to Huzoor Qibla.The man then realised that he has been accepted by Hazrat Qibla as his disciple after He had expired.

Reference : Karamat-e-Nizamia (Page 3 & 17)


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